Web Design and SEO for businesses in Glasgow

Josh Page Web Design is a Glasgow website designer supporting local businesses with their business website, Local SEO and digital marketing to help you grow your local business and reach new customers.

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Web Design for local businesses in Glasgow

As a local business in Glasgow, a website is a fundamental component to beating the competition and bringing clients to you. Your competitors will be targeting the same clients as you and if their digital presence is outperforming yours, you are likely to lose.

With my web design services for Glasgow businesses, I focus on building your brand, creating solid social proof (client reviews, work examples) and giving your users exactly what they need to know to make a decision on your business.

Your website needs to be quick, modern and fully mobile-responsive or you risk losing customers to your competitors and being penalised by Google. With my design process, I ensure you never fall victim to any of these issues and keep your website in top shape, improve your Google search rankings and help you find local clients.

Local SEO for businesses in Glasgow

The competition for businesses in Glasgow is fierce. It can be very difficult to get your website in front of clients and then they have to choose you over your competitors too!

SEO for Glasgow businesses is one of the most effective methods of generating organic traffic to your website. By increasing your visibility in search engines and ranking for important keywords, you can grow your business passively.

When a potential customer searches for your industry "in Glasgow" you want your website to show up at the #1 spot so you are the first choice. For this you need SEO.

If you are not ranking for important topics that your competitors are, you are losing out on all that potential traffic to them.

End-to-end Web Design and Local SEO for businesses in Glasgow

I offer full web design and SEO services for local businesses in Glasgow. I aim to cover the full process so you can focus on growing your business whilst your digital presence generates passive business for you.

Web Design Glasgow

Modern, mobile-friendly websites built for businesses in Glasgow. Bespoke, optimized for search results and fully managed for you.

Local SEO Glasgow

I build websites with Local SEO as a key component so that your website will be optimized for generating relevant, local leads.

Website Hosting Glasgow

Fully managed website hosting to keep your website online for your Glasgow business. Never worry about your website being outdated or unavailable.

Optimized for speed, search and visitors

Your website needs to be fast, mobile-friendly and providing a great user experience. I optimize all website builds for these 3 key aspects.

Blogging for SEO growth

Create relevant content around your industry that shows that builds credibility and improves your search rankings to generate more traffic.

Keeping your website up to date

Your business is likely to change as it grows, I keep your website up to date with all the relevant information when you make any changes.

Web Design Glasgow

Websites for Glasgow businesses

I create unique websites and run SEO campaigns for local businesses in Glasgow to help potential clients find your business online from digital marketing.

Websites I build are lightning-fast, modern and mobile-friendly. Users who come across your website want access to key information about your business so they can make a decision, fast.

If your user has a tough time finding out about what you offer, your website does not function on their phone or the information is wrong, they will bounce to your competitors website and you lose their business.

Fed up of losing out to your local competitors? Step up your digital presence for your Glasgow business with a modern website and SEO strategy today.


Online discovery call or I can come meet you in person

A quick 15 minute discovery call to learn about each other. I want to know about your business, what you are aiming to achieve and to see how I can help you get there. We can have an online call or I can come over to your business in Glasgow and we can chat in person.


I plan your website with a sitemap, wireframe and full design

Once we've agreed on your project, I will get to work on the plan for your website. I create a sitemap that lays out the website structure, a wireframe for the basis of the website and a full design that you will sign off on.


It's time to build your website and get you online!

Your design is done and you have signed off on it. All that's left is for me to bring your design to life in WordPress!

I aim to match your design as closely as possible whilst ensuring full mobile-responsiveness and capturing your brand and industry appropriately. Your website will be fully optimized for SEO, page speed and user experience (UX).


The future of your website and business growth online

Your website is ready. Your Glasgow business finally has an awesome website that shows off your exceptional work. What's next? From here I can support you with website hosting, local SEO and regular content updates to keep your website fresh and generating traffic for your business.

But what about...

Have a burning question about your website or just want to know more about what I do? Check out the FAQ or drop me a message with the button below.

How is this going to help my business?

If you are not sure about why you need a website, I have wrote an article that gives you 10 reasons why you might. A website will help you by increasing your reach to the local area, giving potential clients all the information they need to know about your business and why they should choose you.

Your website will also give you a platform to inform your customers about any special offers, changes and more.

Do I need someone else to do SEO for me?

SEO is a complicated and time consuming process. If your SEO process is implemented poorly it can have no effect on your search rankings and in some cases can cause you to lose rankings due to Google penalties. A well thought out SEO plan with careful implementation is your best choice when it comes to growing your business with SEO.

When should I expect to start seeing results?

Depending on your current position in search engines and the competition in your industry, we can make a fair estimate on when to expect results. A business with no website or who is completely new to SEO might be able to see improvement within the first 1-3 months whereas a business in a competitive industry might expect 6+ months before seeing noticable change.

SEO is a long-term game and needs to be treated with care and patience to reap the rewards.

How much should I expect to pay for a website?

I build websites at a one-off cost starting from £300 and scaling upwards as you add more pages, content and sections to your website. Not wanting to fork out a bulk amount upfront? I also offer websites on monthly subscriptions with no upfront cost.

Check out my pricing here.

Want to learn how a new website can grow your business?